Motorola expects high sales for Moto Q

Motorola expects its new Moto Q smartphone and email device, a competitor to the BlackBerry and Treo, to enjoy sales similar to those of its popular Razr, an Associated Press report said.

The report quoted Ron Garriques, head of Motorola's mobile phone division, as saying that the company had high expectations for next week's US release of Moto Q through Verizon Wireless, followed soon after by its launch in Latin America, China, Korea, and elsewhere.

The report said Motorola estimated sales of 750,000 units of the Q device in the first 90 days, 1.5 million in the succeeding 90 days and 3 million in the three months after that.

Those were the same numbers racked up by the Razr, the ultra-thin phone whose enduring success had helped the company pick up market share on industry leader Nokia since 2004, the report said.