Motorola reports $28m loss in Q2

Motorola reported a second straight loss after another quarter of subpar sales, a $28 million deficit that raises pressure on the handset maker, an Associated Press report said.

The Associated Press report also quoted CEO Ed Zander as saying that it has been 'a very difficult year.'

The company promised financial improvement in its cell-phone division in the second half but steered clear of estimates after weak international sales contributed to back-to-back losses for the first time in five years, the report said.

Its hopes for recovery, on hold until next year, hinge on the reception of new phones like the Razr 2 and the Z8 that are just being shipped, the report added.

Some investors also are clamoring for the board of directors to replace Zander, whose 3 1/2-year run as chief executive has been tarnished by the company's botched sales strategy following two years of notable success linked to runaway sales of the Razr phone.

The Associated Press report also quoted Tom Meredith, a Motorola board member as well as chief financial officer since March, as saying that Zander still has directors' backing.

'The board is of the opinion that we have the right strategy and we have the right leadership team,' he told The Associated Press.

Zander, who also is chairman, said he found 'amazing' the recent speculation about the board looking for his successor and potentially considering the sale of some businesses. He said the board reviews succession planning regularly, the report said.