Motorola's losses mount as handset sales plunge

Motorola lost €124 million (US$194 million) in the first quarter, down from €115 million (US$181 million) a year ago, thanks mainly to a continued slump in handset shipments.

The struggling US electronics firm posted €4.7 billion (US$7.45 billion) in sales, down from €6 billion (US$9.43 billion) a year ago.

Device sales slid 39% over Q1 2007 to €2.2 bilion (US$3.3 billion), with 27.4 million phones shipped. The operating loss for the unit also grew.

CEO Greg Brown said the top priorities were improving the handset portfolio and preparing to split the company into two publicly traded entities.

The best performing unit was enterprise mobility, which boosted sales 5% and recorded operating earnings of €159 million (US$250 million), up from €83.4 million (US$131 million).