Motorola sees bright future for mobile WiMAX

US handset giant Motorola has high hopes for the mobile version of WiMAX broadband, the company's technology head said in a Reuters report.

The report, quoting an interview by Finnish business daily Kauppalehti, said Motorola CTO Padmasree Warrior expected WiMAX mobile wireless broadband, which should be available within a year or two, to be a similar success to the established GSM technology.

"Downloading a song into a handset would take three seconds using WiMAX. The user experience is completely different to current technologies," she said.

But the success of WiMAX required strong backing from mobile and semiconductor industry players, which Motorola was pursuing, she said, adding that Motorola's Finnish based rival Nokia was "firmly with WiMAX."

According to the Reuters report, the executive believed W-CDMA, the 3G extension of GSM, faced problems in terms of speed and cost.

The Motorola executive also said the company would soon launch a GSM version of its Moto Q enterprise handset, which currently only supported the CDMA standard, she was quoted as telling Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat.

The paper said Warrior saw mobile phone power consumption as the hottest question for the industry at the moment.