Motorola sells email firm Good to Visto

Motorola will unload its enterprise email outfit Good Technology to Visto for an undisclosed sum.

Motorola, which acquired Good in late 2006 for more than $400 million, said the deal was part of a strategic refocusing.

"Visto's acquisition of Good will allow Motorola to continue to concentrate on providing best-in-class business-critical applications, secure management platforms and mobility services," said Gene Delaney, president of Motorola's Enterprise Mobility division.

The acquisition will double the number of staff at Silicon Valley-based Visto to nearly 400.

Ovum analyst Jeremy Green said Motorola may be exiting the mobile applications market.

"Late last year Nokia announced that it would no longer support its Intellisync line, effectively abandoning the enterprise mobile applications market," he said. "Motorola now appears to be following suit."

Good Technology specializes in wireless messaging, global VPN data access, device management and handheld security.