Motorola to embed fast wireless chips in phones, cameras

Motorola plans to put embedded HSPA, Wimax and LTE modules into consumer electronics devices.

The company, which has seen its handset division struggle mightily recently, said it envisions its modules being embedded in notebooks, netbooks, portable gaming devices and other networked consumer electronics.

The new strategy would mean that for the first time Motorola would be putting its proprietary wireless technology in other device manufacturers' products and not just its own.

Motorola sees embedded wireless as a potential goldmine down the road. According to research firm Strategy Analytics, by 2014 there will be 100 million devices with 3G or 4G technology embedded in them.

“We see wireless broadband in consumer electronics being a tremendous growth opportunity not just for Motorola, but for the entire industry,” said Gary Koerper, vice president of engine systems for Motorola mobile devices. “In the next five to seven years everything you own will be connected to the internet.”

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