Mozilla claims 350m Firefox users

Around 350 million people worldwide are using the Firefox browser, giving it a global market share of near 30%, according to Mozilla, the open source software group behind the browser.
In its first Quarterly Analyst Report, Mozilla said Firefox’s market share continued to be strongest in Europe, with 152.7 million users at mid-March and 39.2% share. South America ranked second with 31.4% share.
In absolute terms, North America comes in second spot with 100 million users, followed by Asia (excluding Australia) with 68.7 million users.
Firefox’s adoption increased the most in Russia by around 20% during the quarter.
“Other regions showing strong growth include Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Australia, Mexico and Turkey, each showing a Firefox usage increase of about 15%,” said Mozilla.
In Russia, Firefox’s market share this quarter picked up by roughly 2%, while the browsers share in Indonesia “continues to grow north of 60%.”
Users in South America also showed a strong prevalence towards applying “personas” or themes to their Firefox browser.
Mozilla found that more than 20% of Firefox users in South America used personas in March, compared with almost 20% of users in North America.
“[Users] in Asia seem to be adopting add-ons more generally at a greater pace,” Mozilla said.