Mozilla trials mashups for the people

IDG News Service reports an experimental extension to Mozilla Firefox could allow people to substitute simple text commands for complex web tasks such as putting links to maps in email messages.

The report says that Mozilla Labs has released its first version of Ubiquity, which is related to software called Enso that was developed at a small Chicago company called Humanized. Mozilla hired three executives from Humanized in January, and Aza Raskin, the former president of that company, introduced Ubiquity 0.1 in a Mozilla Labs blog entry on Tuesday. Raskin is now head of user experience at Mozilla Labs.

Ubiquity is designed to help users create something like mashups themselves instead of in the form of a public web page. The commands that users type in Ubiquity, such as 'map' and 'email,' find resources on the web and can gather information from those sources in one place.

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