MS denies 'soft' WP7 sales

Microsoft has declined to reveal sales figures of Windows Phone 7, the company’s latest effort at a mobile OS.
While the new platform has been well-reviewed, sales are rumored to be soft as Microsoft tries to find space in a market dominated by three major operating systems.
Joe Belfiore, director of Windows Phone program management, told it was too early to disclose sales figures for devices running the platform, but denied suggestions his reluctance pointed to slow sales.
The Microsoft man noted the operating system is currently only available on ten high-end smartphones, and said it could take up to two years for the software to filter down to lower-priced, mass-market, handsets.
The first WP7 devices went on sale in the UK six weeks ago and in the US a month ago.
Early reports stated 40,000 WP7 smartphones were sold in the US on launch day on November 8.