MS follows Apple's example for Windows Phone apps

Microsoft looks to be adopting an Apple-style approach to applications development and sales for its latest mobile operating system.
The software giant yesterday unveiled the first details of its applications development tools for Windows Phone 7 along with an app store-style marketplace through which all approved content will be sold, at its MIX10 event in Las Vegas.
Developers gain access to free SDK’s, Microsoft’s Silverlight, and XNA Framework to produce new applications and 3D games.
Windows Phone 7 is widely regarded as Microsoft’s last chance saloon in the mobile world, after previous mobile OSes failed to hit the mark in terms of usability, and the content and applications available.
Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president, Windows Phone Program Management, says the latest mobile OS was designed to make it easier for developers to produce compatible games and applications. “We are delivering an application platform that is simple, powerful, and inspiring,” he states.