MS prepping ad blitz for Windows Mobile 7 phones

Microsoft expects the launch of a number of new smartphones running on Windows Mobile 7 in time for the upcoming US holiday sales season, and is planning an advertising blitz for the devices once they launch.
While the company is keeping mum on the exact number of models that will launch, Microsoft’s director of mobile communications Aaron Woodman told the Wall Street Journal the company expected to have “a sizeable presence in the holiday season.”
The software giant will work with handset and carrier partners on extensive marketing campaigns for the devices, he added.
Woodman acknowledged the company had a tough journey ahead. “This is going to be a long competitive battle with a lot of strong competitors,” he said.
HTC and LG have already signed up to develop Windows Mobile 7 phones, while AT&T has pledged its support for the platform.
Microsoft this week revealed plans to develop Windows Phone Marketplace, an app store for Windows Phone 7 applications. The company also revealed that the only official way to get apps on a Windows Phone 7 device will be via this store.
Earlier this month, Microsoft confirmed that applications which ran on previous versions of Windows Mobile will not be forwards-compatible with Windows Phone 7. This means the company is starting from square one in terms of the number of applications available for the new OS.
Despite the apparent disadvantage, Woodman said he was confident that vital applications will all be available at launch.