MS promises developers a 70% cut of sales

Microsoft has guaranteed software developers a 70% cut of the revenue from sales in the planned Windows Mobile app store.

Microsoft has also said it will allow developers to set the price for their applications for each market. It says the Windows Marketplace for Mobile store will debut in 29 countries later this year.

Developers will have to pay an annual registration fee of $99, which will allow developers to offer five apps on the store, with each additional app submitted costing a further $99. Student developers enrolled in Microsoft's DreamSpark program will not be required to pay a registration fee.

Microsoft has also pledged transparency throughout the app certification process, promising to provide guidance and support to developers across all stages of development, as well as detailed feedback during and after the development process.

The Marketplace for Mobile store is one of a number of new app stores planned in response to the wildly successful original iPhone store. RIM, Nokia, Palm and some of the biggest wireless operators have all foreshadowed their own versions of the sales platform for mobile apps.