MVNO targeting 5 to 8 year olds globally

In Denmark, Race Telecom A/S has launched a MVNO that is targeting kids from the age of five to ten, with their primary focus on children in the five to eight year age group. This segment contains approximately 7% of the total Danish population and therefore a small niche, but it’s a very substantial one if viewed globally.
Yet neither operators nor handset manufacturers are taking this segment very seriously and that the products and solutions available for it are limited – and in some markets non existent.
The company isn’t taking the usual MVNO route in its home market, but instead will partner an MVNE to handle the practical issues, allowing WiGOMO to focus on developing the technical solution and marketing and selling the product to end-users.
WiGOMO plans to target the worldwide market by offering its technology platform to operators, MVNOs and mobile virtual network enablers (MVNEs), that can then can market and sell this solution in a localised versions.
A niche player like WiGOMO can operate with two employees and a partnership built on a business model that ensures that most of their costs are related to the number of customers and the ARPU generated by those customers.
WiGOMO is offering consumers a combination of a mobile phone – WiGOMO One – with built-in GPS integrated with Google Maps so parents know where their children are. Parents can define the rules for where and when the child's' phone can be used via the web, such as who they can call and text and from whom they can accept communications.
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