MySpace the US' mobile destination of choice

Social networking remains the number one area of interest among mobile web users, with Facebook and MySpace topping search terms on both Google and Yahoo! OneSearch, according to mobile software applications and infrastructure provider Openwave Systems.

The firm notes that in terms of average hits per session, MySpace leads Facebook by nearly 46 percent, suggesting that MySpace could become the preferred choice of mobile for a segment of the operator's subscriber base and could even displace some email solutions.

This information was derived from per mobile web usage trends from an anonymous sample of a North American, Tier 1 operator's customers logging on, processed through its Openwave Mobile Analytics service.

Other findings from Openwave include the fact that the mobile advertising marketplace AdMob serves nearly seven times more ads than its nearest competitor, but also has a lower click-through rate in comparison to rivals Buzzcity and Microsoft.

Openwave contends that AdMob's lower click-through numbers could be the result of generic ads that fail to offer targeted relevance to the subscriber. Openwave adds that by providing aggregated data on subscriber behavior and preferences to ad networks, operators could create more effective and customized subscriber targeting.