New BlackBerry's arrival imminent in N America

The new BlackBerry model should be coming to North America within a month now that RIM has started selling it in Germany and Chile, an Associated Press report said.

The first major new BlackBerry model in more than a year, the Bold is a high-end BlackBerry that has twice the screen resolution of current models made by RIM.

The Bold, or 9000, matches the resolution, but not the size, of the screen on Apple's iPhone, which has emerged as a potent competitor in the smart-phone category, the Associated Press report also said.

AT&T says it will be the exclusive US carrier for the Bold, as it is for the iPhone.
An AT&T spokesman declined to say when the company will release it.

Some stores in Canada have already unveiled a store model and fliers.

Genuity Capital Markets analyst Deepak Chopra also expects it will be released in the US in mid-September, the report further said.