New Skies secures Netherlands Ministry of Defence deal

New Skies Satellites has signed a framework agreement with the Netherlands Ministry of Defence to support the Netherlands Armed Forces with satellite communication services on its NSS-7 and NSS-703 satellites, according to a Wireless News report.

The report said the new agreement was an example of the recent efforts to restructure and harmonize procurement activities of the Netherlands Armed Forces by signing a single agreement with a vendor for satellite communication services to serve the Army, Navy and Air Force on their global missions.

"New Skies is delighted to have been chosen by the Netherlands Ministry of Defence to support its global milsatcom requirements. New Skies has an extensive track record of meeting the demanding and mission critical satellite communication needs of government users. This agreement further solidifies our role as a leading provider of global satellite communication services in the government sector," said New Skies Satellites CEO Dan Goldberg.

New Skies Satellites offers satellite communication services to a range of customers, including telecom providers, broadcasters, corporations and governments.