New smartphone owners rank the iPhone, Droid

An impressive 77% of new iPhone owners say they’re “very satisfied” with the new iPhone they purchased, according to a new survey by ChangeWave Research.
Motorola comes in a strong second, with 64% of its new smartphone owners giving a “very satisfied” tick to their recent purchase.
In comparison, only 51% of new HTC smartphone owners give a “very satisfied” nod, with the percentage falling to 46% for recent Blackberry device buyers. 
Not surprisingly, the “very satisfied” ratings for the newest iPhone 3GS models – the 32GB 3GS (81%) and the 16GB 3GS (77%) – are higher than that of the older iPhone 3G (69%) smartphone.
The ratings also show the Droid is driving Motorola’s impressive overall satisfaction levels.
More than two-thirds (69%) of Droid purchasers report they’re “very satisfied” with their new smart phone compared with 50% for all other Motorola models.
A similar 68% of HTC Hero buyers say they’re “very satisfied” with their new smart phone – considerably ahead of the HTC Droid Eris (50%) and the HTC Touch (38%).