New software app promises 30% battery saving for smartphones

Despite years of trying, the technological progress (or battery drain) of handsets continues to provide challenges for cell phone manufacturers and the battery industry. But hope might be around the corner if the claims by a software developer prove to be true.

Ravensoft, a UK-based mobile apps developer, maintains that its Battery Extender software can extend the battery life of Nokia smartphones by as much as 30 per cent. The application, which today works with the Nokia S60 3rd edition devices and on most current Nseries and Eseries smartphones, is said to be similar to the power management settings found on most laptops, and can automatically adjust phone settings such as screen brightness or GPS functions to extend the amount of time between charges.

According to Chris Byrne, head of operations and strategy at Ravensoft, the application comes pre-configured with five profiles, from the most conservative "Maximum Battery" setting down to the "Improved Battery" option which changes settings only when the battery runs low. The company claims using Battery Extender based on an average of 35 one-minute interactions every day with the phone, will provide up to 30 per cent longer battery life.

The Battery Extender app can be downloaded for US$14.99, but is also available for a 14-day free trial. It will be obtainable from Nokia's Ovi online store later this year, and also for Windows Mobile later in 2009.

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