News In Brief: Apple,CenterNet, Twitter

The UK government's proposal to disconnect from the internet users caught repeatedly engaging in piracy could cost broadband consumers up to £500 million, the administration admitted.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs again collected only $1 in base salary in 2009, and received no bonus or equity awards, according to a filing to the US SEC. But four executives received a $100,000 raise.
The European Commission has renewed its warning to Polish telecoms regulator, UKE to follow the guidelines for setting mobile termination charges adopted in May by substantially reducing the gap between new operator CenterNet's and other operators' charges.
Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has forecast that the micro-blogging site will handle 1 billion search queries a day and deliver “several billion tweets” an hour during 2010. He also said that by the time the Iranian elections took place last June, the number of Twitter accounts had grown tenfold in a single year and users wrote an estimated 27 million tweets a day last month.