News In Brief: Apple, Nokia, Alca-Lu, Zain, SAP, Microsoft

Adobe Flash, derided by Steve Jobs and banned from the iPhone, will come to the Apple device via the Skyfire app, which renders and translates Flash video into HTML5.
Nokia has not violated Apple patents, according to an opinion submitted by staff at the International Trade Commission (ITC), which is hearing patent disputes over mobile technologies between the two companies. 
Alcatel-Lucent will sell its vacuum pump business to Germany's Pfeiffer Pump Technology for €200m as part of a divestment of its non-core operations.
Zain shareholders have agreed to sell a controlling stake in the company to Etisalat for nearly $12b.
NEC and SAP have established an ERP cloud service.
LG and Microsoft will jointly subsidize Windows Phone 7 applications, giving away ten free apps every 60 days.
YouTube is once more banned in Turkey, days after access was restored for the first time since 2008.
The Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) will present a Pioneer Award to security researcher Hari Prasad, who was arrested and jailed after uncovering flaws in India’s electronic voting machine.