News In Brief: BT, Apple, Qualcomm, HP, Scoreloop

BT is accelerating its high-speed network rollout to 15,500 homes and businesses in Glasgow months ahead of its 2010 schedule. Openreach is currently building 56 new street cabinets and installing around 30 miles of fiber supporting broadband speeds of up to 40Mbps, potentially rising to 60Mbps in the future.
Apple is investigating reports of exploding iPhones, but believes them to be isolated incidents, according to the European Commission.
Qualcomm will gain a stake in Pantech as part of a debt-to-stock conversion that will see it become the second largest shareholder in South Korea's third biggest handset maker. Pantech will give Qualcomm a 12.55% stake in order to pay off €53.9 million it owes the chip-maker in unpaid royalties.
HP’s net profit declined 19% to €1.13 billion during the quarter ending in July, on 2% lower revenue of €19.4 billion. But the result still beat analysts' expectations.
German mobile game developer Scoreloop has raised €1.98 million in new funding from Earlybird Venture Capital and Target Partners. Since launching in May, the company says 500 developers have registered on its platform, and created 40 games available in Apple's iPhone App Store.