News In Brief: BT Wholesale, Tele2, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Jaxa

BT Wholesale is utilizing Cisco’s content delivery backbone to boost its online TV and video service. The infrastructure enables the carrier to deliver TV and video to PCs, TVs and mobile phones.
Tele2 has chosen Alcatel-Lucent to deploy an IP-based voice and broadband network in Austria.
Qualcomm has clarified that it’s 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor is already shipping and will be available in commercial devices during 1Q11, while a forthcoming 1.5GHz chip will ship by the year end and appear in devices towards the end of 2011, in a statement mailed to
Texas Instruments has trimmed its third-quarter profit and sales forecasts following lower-than-expected demand for PCs and TVs, Bloomberg reported.
The Japanese Space Agency (Jaxa) has launched a rocket carrying the country's first GPS satellite. The bird, which will work with the existing US-owned GPS system, will be in orbit above Japan eight hours a day.
India's telecom and defense ministries are reportedly finally close to reaching a comprehensive agreement on sharing spectrum, ending a four-year dispute.