NEWS IN BRIEF: CNNIC, NSN, mHealth Alliance, Chuan Wei, Telecom NZ, IDA Singapore, Nokia, Orange Guinea

NSN CEO Simon Beresford-Wylie has told Mobile World Congress that the telecom industry must focus on extreme efficiency if operators hope to make money from mobile broadband. NSN believes mobile data traffic will increase 300-fold by 2015, while revenue will only increase three-fold.

Nearly three quarters of China's mobile phone users are male, and almost as many were born after 1980, according to statistics compiled by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC). The center predicts the percentage of female users will reach 50% within five years.

The Vodafone foundation, the UN foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation will jointly form the Mobile Health (mHealth) Alliance, in a bid to maximize the benefits of mobile health, particularly in the developing world. 

Chuan Wei Cambodia has selected Alcatel-Lucent to provide a turnkey installation of Cambodia's first Wimax network, which will launch in mid-2009. Chuan Wei Cambodia captures around 80% of the country's enterprise market.

Telecom NZ board member Michael Tyler has resigned after nearly ten years of service, the company announced.

IDA Singapore will facilitate the development of an interoperable infrastructure for NFC services. The Authority has set up an industry roundtable consisting of 11 key players from telcos, banks and payment providers, including SingTel, StarHub, MasterCard and Visa.

Nokia has partnered with América Móvil to bring Nokia Maps Navigation to América Móvil consumers in Latin America.

Orange Guinea Conakry and Ericsson are deploying more than 100 base stations powered by solar energy, connecting remote parts of rural Africa.