News In Brief: Deutsche Telekom, Econet, Telsis, Huawei, Alibaba

Deutsche Telekom will supply the data connection and communications boxes for 100 German homes being upgraded to smart meters by Emden Municipal Utilities. Usage data will be sent to the utility firm by DSL.
African carrier Econet has deployed fraud management and revenue assurance products from OSS and BSS provider Subex on its mobile networks in Zimbabwe, the Kingdom of Lesotho and Burundi.
Infrastructure supplier Telsis has won a deal to supply protocol conversion platforms to Vodafone Netherlands after a three-month trial. Vodafone will use the platforms to offer customers a direct connection to its network via the SIP VoIP protocol.
Huawei has tapped Amerilink Telecom, a US start-up founded by former Sprint executives to help it secure US mobile contracts.
Chinese e-commerce company has purchased Auctiva, a listing and marketing tool developer with clients such as eBay, in its second US purchase in two months.