News In Brief: Ericsson, Vodafone, EC, Google, Redknee, Cisco, Korea Telecom, Siemens Enterprise Communications, Juniper Network

Global mobile data traffic almost trebled in the year to end 2Q10, hitting 225,000 terabytes per month despite only 10% of global subscribers being signed up to mobile broadband services, Ericsson says.
Vodafone has released a software update for the HTC Desire deleting the Vodafone 360 widgets preloaded on Android phones, after complaints from users. The company will instead make the features available in an optional download.
The European Commission has approved Spain’s Xarxa Oberta open access network, which will connect Catalan public administration sites.
Users of Google’s Chrome browser will now be able to send links from their desktop to their Android 2.2 smartphones, according to the Android Developers blog.
Billing systems provider Redknee completed its acquisition of Spain’s Nimbus Systems yesterday.
Uruguay added 49,000 fixed broadband connections in 2009, making it the fastest growing market in Latin America, research by Cisco reveals. Penetration of 10% puts the country on-par with Argentina and Chile.
Korea Telecom has announced plans to open its networks for the nation's first MVNOs - prepaid service providers Free Telecom and Evergreen Mobile, and mobile content provider Entaz.
Siemens Enterprise Communications has contracted Verizon to upgrade its European communications infrastructure, with a VoIP solution linking its headquarters in Munich to sites in ten European countries.
Juniper Networks is pumping $2.5 million (€1.9 million) in cash into the Internet2 project, a scheme led by a consortium of research and education firms to develop a US-wide 100Gbps network for local schools, libraries, community colleges, health centers and public safety organizations.
Nokia Siemens Networks has complied with all TD-LTE test specifications defined by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology during a trial in the 2.3GHz band in Beijing. It also completed its first high-definition video call handing off to a Samsung TD-LTE handset.