News In Brief: Google, Deutsche Telekom, Gartner, HP, Verizon, BSkyB

Google has admitted that its Street View cars downloaded private emails and passwords breathing new life into the scandal. Previously it had said it had scooped up occasional fragments of personal data.
Deutsche Telekom has contracted NSN to roll out the world's first LTE network, which uses digital dividend spectrum.
HP launched itself into the tablet market Friday, unveiling the Slate 500, a Windows 7 device with a nine-inch touchscreen priced at $800 (€573).
Verizon’s profit slipped under the billion-dollar mark during the third quarter, falling from $1.18 billion (€845 million) to $881 million year-on-year, as sales fell 2.9% to $26.5 billion
Asus and Garmin could call off their dual-brand handset partnership after their contract expires in January, with Asus to resume production on Asus-branded phones, according to sources.
UK broadcaster BSkyB will create 500 jobs at a new call center in 2011, after growing subscribers and profits in the third quarter. Net profit was up from £127 million (€142 million) to £169 million as revenues grew 15% to £1.5 billion.