News In Brief: Google, Vodafone, Gartner, UBS

Dedicated German Googlers have thrown eggs at the houses of people who opted out of the search giant’s StreetView service, which went live last week, Deutsche Welle reports.
Meanwhile, a picture of a naked man in the trunk of his car on the German site has lit up Web discussion boards, according to The Telegraph.
The Mumbai high court has deferred the Indian government's tax case against Vodafone until February 8, while it considers the carrier’s appeal against the tax department.
Spending on ICT equipment in India will grow from $65.2 billion (€48.7 billion) this year to $71.9 billion in 2011, Gartner predicts.
Investment bank UBS has flagged Telefonica O2’s Czech Republic operation as a good buy due to a low share price and predicted high dividends, Bloomberg reports.