News In Brief: Microsoft, Facebook, CITC, Visant Strategies, Blizzard

Microsoft and eBay will develop a capacity management solution based on the new Windows Azure cloud platform the software giant announced yesterday. The firm has also partnered with HP to develop services, and unveiled a similar deal with Dell.
Meanwhile, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the forthcoming release of tablet devices based on Windows 7 would be “terribly important” for the company, Reuters reports.
Facebook has agreed to place a “panic button” on its website to help UK children report possible abuse to authorities. Separately, the firm has dismissed a legal claim by a New York man that he owns 84% of the company as “completely frivolous.”
The global market for Wimax equipment will grow to $30 billion (€23.9 billion) by 2016, with the number of fixed wireless subscribers growing to over one billion, Visant Strategies predicts.
Saudi regulator CITC has fined at least one of the country's operators 5 million riyals (€1.1 million) for violating a ban on offering free international incoming calls. Other companies may face fines later.
Online gaming giant Blizzard has backed down from an unpopular plan to force users of its message boards to post under their real names, but will implement some measures to combat anonymous trolling.