News In Brief: Microsoft, netbooks, Denmark, HP, Google

Microsoft is considering developing a handheld gaming device or mobile handset based on its Xbox brand.
Around 418 million users will be using netbooks and laptops to access the internet - generating 1.8 exabytes of traffic per month - by 2017, Coda Research said.
Denmark is to hold a consultation on auctioning off radio spectrum in the 2.5ghz bands. The auction is slated for Q1 2010. The spectrum is suitable for providing 4G wireless broadband services based on LTE and WiMAX in addition to mobile TV.
Hewlett-Packard will purchase data storage company Ibrix for an undisclosed sum. Ibrix had previously raised € 34 million in venture capital from Credit Suisse and JY Venture Partners.
Google is selling its web-based radio ad buying service, Google Radio, to advertising management software firm WideOrbit for an undisclosed sum. The deal includes Google Radio Automation, SS32 and Maestro products.