News In Brief: MS, Vodafone Greece, APNIC, Grupo Vips, Facebook

Microsoft has signed a wider licensing deal with chip designer ARM, prompting speculation that it may open up its Windows 7 operating system to the UK firm, or use it to build tablet devices.
Vodafone Greece has launched a prepaid SMS package that provides 60 SMS messages for €3. The package can be reactivated multiple times per month.
The world's supply of IPv4 addresses could be worn out in less than a year, according to APNIC. There are only about 232 million addresses left to be allocated.
Grupo Vips, the Spanish restaurant and retail group that operates TGI Friday and Starbucks, has renewed BT’s contract to supply iVPN services to 350 premises, in a five-year deal worth €8.2 million.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will guest star in the latest season of animated comedy The Simpsons.
Some of Britain's 24 nanotech research centers could be shut down as part of cuts to the nation's latest science budget.