News In Brief: News Corp, ZTE, Compuware, Deutsche Telekom

Major publishers News CorpTimeMeredithHearst and Condé Nast have created a joint venture to develop an eReader tailored for magazine and newspaper content.
ZTEhas deployed an entirely solar- and wind-powered 3G base station in Shenzen, China for China Unicom.
Compuware has launched a solution that provides a real-time view of a customer’s mobile data services experience.
Deutsche Telekom has placed the world's first voice call over LTE based on VoLGA (Voice over LTE via Generic Access) technology and two independent test environments.
Calls have been made between a test system, installed at Deutsche Telekom HQ in Bonn, based on a VoLGA implementation of Kineto Wireless, and a second independent system from Alcatel-Lucent in Stuttgart.