News In Brief: NSN, Netsize, T-Mobile, Orange, Microsoft, Gartner

Nokia Siemens Networks and Nokia have completed a test LTE data call in the 800MHz frequency, using Nokia’s multi-mode, multi-band, RD-3 internet modem. 
T-Mobile and Orange completed the final act of their UK merger yesterday, as their combined 16,500-strong workforce became employees of Everything Everywhere, the corporate tag unveiled in May. 
Microsoft is struggling to fend off cyber-attacks using the Windows XP help and support system. A fix has not yet been found for the exploit, which has been used to attack an estimated 10,000 machines so far. 
Netsize has added SMS-based messaging, marketing campaigns and workflow capabilities to the latest version of its mPlug-in for Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM product. 
The world's so called most valuable internet domain,, went up for sale once again on Thursday, after the bankruptcy of another web firm to have failed to capitalize on its perceived value. 
Orangehas signed an advertising and content partnership with MySpace in France. Under the agreement, Orange Advertising Network will act as the exclusive ad sales house for MySpace France.  
Gartner has lowered its forecast for IT spending growth in 2010 from 5.3% to 3.9%, due to the plummeting value of the Euro against the US dollar. It now predicts spending will hit $3.35 trillion (€2.67 trillion) in 2010, up from $3.225 trillion in 2009.