News In Brief: OpenBit Torrent, KCC, ZTE, BNS

Several Hollywood studios have filed a suit against a Swedish ISP Portlane which is hosting OpenBitTorrent, an independent BitTorrent file-sharing tracker site.

"OpenBitTorrent is used for file sharing, and we suspect that it is the Pirate Bay tracker with a new name. It is added by default on all of the torrent tracker files on Pirate Bay," Hollywood lawyer Monique Wadsted told TorrentFreak. 

Regulator KCC has cleared the way for Apple to sell the iPhone in the South Korean market, granting Apple a license to overcome the final regulatory hurdle preventing the company from doing so.
Chinese vendor ZTE plans to launch a smartphone based on Google's Android OS next year, and is in smartphone handset supply talks with carriers including Vodafone and T-Mobile.
IPTV solutions provider BNS has completed stage one deployment of a community-based IPTV service in Taiwan for multimedia company Max Media, connecting over 1,500 homes.