News In Brief: PCCW, Apple, ChaCha

PCCW will make its now TV content available on the Sony PS3 PlayStation from early 2010. PS3 users will soon be able to watch a selection of now TV channels via an embedded now TV decoder application in the popular gaming console.
San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome will soon propose a city ordinance requiring mobile phone retailers to display information about cellphone radiation on store shelves.
Rumors of the impending launch of an Apple tablet has driven a surge in the company’s stock price. Apple is reportedly planning a major product announcement in San Francisco in late January.
US mobile query and search service ChaCha has raised another $7 million (€4.8m) in funding. In the last 15 months it has raised $16 million and since inception $40 million. The latest round of backers includes former Compaq CEO Ron Canion who is also a director.

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