News In Brief: Qtel, ZTE, Google, Android, Adobe, TeleNav, MTN Cyprus, Interoute

Qtel has denied breaching Qatar law by making Virgin Mobile an MVNO on its network.
Chinese vendor ZTE said it had successfully completed field tests of its 10G EPON solution with a major US MSO, stating that the trials demonstrated that the US is ready for the technology.
At least 65,000 Android handsets are now being shipped per day, according to Google CEO Eric Schmidt. The OS is now in use on 34 different mobile models in 49 countries.
Bids in India's 3G auction have now passed 150 billion rupees ($3.33 billion) for one spectrum license, indicating the government may earn over 600 billion rupees from the sale.
Adobe co-founders Chuck Geschke and John Warnock have co-authored an open complaint over Apple's decision to ban Flash on the iPhone.
Mobile navigation company TeleNav has cut the anticipated size of its IPO to $9-$10 (€7-€7.80) per share from $10-11 per share, due to the still-depressed US stock market.
MTN Cyprus has begun reselling corporate VPN services from OTEGLOBE, Greek Incumbent OTE’s international wholesale division.
European next-generation network operator Interoute is supplying a new IP-based WAN to the European Space Agency, and a secure IPVPN connecting 13 ESA sites in Europe and Canada to an Interoute MPLS backbone.