News In Brief: Satyam, Asus, Huawei, NASA, Apple, SingTel

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has granted scandal-rocked Satyam permission to sell off a controlling interest in the company. SEBI has granted Satyam the right to choose an investor to approach, and also granted the company an exemption from some aspects of India's takeover regulations, Satyam said.

Asus has unveiled the new Eee PC Keyboard, an entire PC packed into a keyboard. The Atom-powered PC features an inbuilt screen, or can be attached to an external screen via VGA or HDMI.

Tunisian operator Tunisie Telecom has contracted Huawei Marine to supply a submarine cable system linking Tunisia and Italy. The Hannibal system will be around 170km long and have a maximum capacity of 3.2Tbps.

A new Australian mobile phone monitoring service advertised as a way to catch out cheating spouses is illegal, the Australian Consumers Association has warned.

NASA has successfully launched its Kepler Telescope into space. Kepler will be used to scour the Milky Way galaxy for planets similarly-sized to Earth - particularly those orbiting their stars at a distance amenable to organic life.

At least two unauthorized iPhone app stores are in development. One such store will contain apps which are not available through the official Apple iPhone store, but which are only be compatible with jailbroken iPhones.

SingTel has been granted NLD and ILD licenses in India, according to the Times of India. The company will operate in the nation through subsidiary SingTel Global India.