News In Brief: Sprint Nextel, Pipe, Google, Nokia, Intel

US operator Sprint Nextel will pay between $3.2-$3.6 billion to reband its 800MHz spectrum, FierceWireless said. The company has spent $1.8 billion on the rebanding so far.

Pipe Networks has begun loading the first cable ship for construction of the company's new PPC-1 submarine cable system linking Sydney and Guam.

Google-backed satellite internet provider 03b Networks has won a multi-million dollar contract to provide IP trunking services for Ghanaian operator Satconsult.

Nokia has pulled its new 5800 Xpress Music handset from two US stores while it investigates reports some phones can't connect to 3G networks. The problem only affects the North American market.

Intel has added four new processors to its Intel Atom Z5xx series, including chips tailored for media phones, in-car entertainment products and eco-friendly devices.

Australia's rapid takeup of wireless broadband has boosted the country's productivity by A$7.4 billion, or A$250 for every household, according to a new study from Concept Economics. Around 58% of Australia's SMEs use 3G services.

Nokia has launched version 4.5 of its Qt cross-platform application and UI framework, as well as Qt Creator, a cross-platform Integrated Development Environment (IDE).