News In Brief: Telefonica, Alca-Lu Bell Labs, Apple, Google, TI, MI5, Intelsat

Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs has extended a collaboration with universities in France and the UK to define software tools enabling digital publishing. The three-year project aims to incorporate content including still and video images, text, and audio.
Apple has finally cleared Opera's browser for sale on the iPhone app store – the first rival browser to Apple's own to make it into the marketplace.
Google has acquired visual search company Plink. The UK-based firm offers the PlinkArt Android app, which lets users take a photo of a building and painting and then receive pertinent information about it.
British intelligence agency MI5 has started to lay off staff members who lack ICT skills, in acknowledgement of the growing threat of cyber terrorism.
Twitter will today unveil its advertising model, after finally settling on a revenue-generating plan.
Intelsat claims to have launched a unique video distribution platform that utilises and all-IP backbone to connect satellites to fixed-line infrastructure. IntelsatONE offers an IP/MPLS-based network, and is designed to link with Cisco’s IP NGN backbone.

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