News In Brief: TTK, Mobistar, Twitter, Telstra, AT&T, ZTE, Nokia, Pacnet

Russian longhaul network operator TTK has reported Q2 income of €267millon, representing a 3% increase on the same period for 2008. Telecommunications services accounted for €227 million (9.983bn roubles), up 23% on last year.

Mobistar’s Luxemburg subsidiary, VOXmobile, will re-brand to Orange on October 28. The company will remain a fully-owned company of Mobistar.

A former Current Media executive has posted what is purported to be the Twitter’  five-billionth tweet has been posted by a former Current Media executive Robin Sloan'. The tweet reads "Oh Lord."

After upgrading 1856 exchanges to ADSL2+, Telstra says it will no longer invest in its copper network.

An AT&T lobbyist has called on employees of the US operator to protest regulator FCC's proposed new net neutrality rules.

Chinese vendor ZTE has opened an LTE laboratory at its Texas facility. The lab will be used to demonstrate and test ZTE's dual-mode CDMA/LTE platform.

and mobile software vendor Tanla have entered a five-year agreement to collaborate on mobile payments.

Due to growing demand Pacnet is upgrading its subsea cable network EAC-C2C, adding an additional 3,600 Gbps of capacity across Asia. The upgrade project is being accelerated by three months and is targeted for completion by
early 2011.

Middle-aged and older adults who start using the internet for the first time find their brain functions boosted after just one week of surfing, according to UCLA scientists.