No telecom breakdown in Beijing, official says

Beijing's telecom network may be busy during the coming Olympic Games but will not be paralysed.

A Xinhua News report further quoted Chinese Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology Xi Guohua saying that the network was likely to go through temporary congestion.

But the official said Chinese carriers have expanded their respective capacities.

'Although China Netcom and China Mobile (two major telecom operators) have greatly expanded the capacity, we could not guarantee that the network will operate at any minute but it will by no means be paralysed,' Xi said.

He also expressed strong confidence in the 3G wireless mobile services to be operated during the Olympics, which adopts China's homemade communication standard called TD-SCDMA.

'The technology has been ready for commercial operation,' Xi said. Its network has covered 95% of the present mobile phone network.

China Mobile has started trial operation of the 3G service in ten cities including all Olympic host and co-host cities.

Through this latest telecom technology, people could make video calls and watch TV programs on 3G handsets.

'If foreigners would like to enjoy these services, they could rent 3G handsets from China Mobile,' Xi said.

There are three different standards of 3G wireless mobile services worldwide including TD-SCDMA. Handsets under the other two standards will not work in China.

About 96% to 97% of the demand for radio frequency will be met during the Games, said Zhang Shengli, director of the radio department under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, at the same conference.

The department has received about 8,140 applications for using radio frequency from media, security departments and sport event control and command centers.