Nokia faces new legal suit from Qualcomm

Handset maker Nokia is facing a new legal suit filed by Qualcomm, alleging that the Finnish company infringed on six Qualcomm patents, an Associated Press report said.

The report said that under the complaint filed with the US International Trade Commission, San Diego-based Qualcomm alleged that the Finnish wireless manufacturer infringed on six Qualcomm patents.

The report said the move strained an already-tenuous relationship between the two. Despite a licensing agreement binding the parties, Qualcomm had filed several lawsuits against Nokia, putting their future relationship in jeopardy. Qualcomm, which made chips for mobile phones and held patents on key wireless technologies, sought to halt the importation and sale of some Nokia handsets, the report said.

It expected the investigation to begin in July and the case to be tried in the first half of next year, the report further said.