Nokia files countersuit against Qualcomm

Nokia filed a patent infringement countersuit against Qualcomm in an ongoing multinational legal battle over wireless technology, an Associated Press report said.

The Associated Press report said Nokia, which filed the lawsuit in a Texas district court, is seeking damages and injunctive relief.

The lawsuit deals with claims that Qualcomm's Brew smartphone and MediaFlo TV chipset products infringe on Nokia patents, the report said.

In April, Qualcomm, the world's No. 2 chipmaker for mobile phones which licenses its technology patents, filed a patent infringement lawsuit in Texas against Nokia, allegedly involving certain types of mobile software download and execution environments, the report said.

Qualcomm's lawsuit said Nokia infringed on patents for phones that run on GSM, which is prevalent in Europe and accounts for about two-thirds of all mobile phones.

The report said Nokia believes the Qualcomm patents are invalid, as the alleged inventions have been patented or published by other companies before Qualcomm. It also said it does not believe Nokia's products infringe any of the patents, the report added.

Bill Sailer, Qualcomm's SVP and legal counsel, denied Nokia's claims and said they were no surprise, the report further said.