Nokia files own patent suit against Qualcomm

Nokia filed its first countersuit in the US against Qualcomm, saying the US-based company infringed on its patents, an Associated Press report said.

The Associated Press report said the two companies are embroiled in a high-stakes dispute over royalty payments after a 2001 agreement expired earlier this year.

Nokia said it does not believe its products infringe patents registered by Qualcomm, responding to a lawsuit filed by the San Diego-based company in Wisconsin on April 2, the report said.

The company filed counterclaims against Qualcomm in the same court, alleging that it infringed six Nokia patents related to Qualcomm chipsets, the Associated Press report said.

The company is seeking damages and an injunction against those chipsets, it said.

'Over the past 19 months Qualcomm has filed 11 patent litigation cases against Nokia seeking damages and injunctions,' Rick Simonson, Nokia CFO was quoted by the report as saying.. 'Nokia has now filed its first counter action to address Qualcomm's unauthorized use of Nokia technology.'

The legal skirmish dates to October 2005, when Nokia and five other companies complained to the European Union about Qualcomm's business practices, the report said.

Qualcomm, the world's No. 2 chipmaker for mobile phones, licenses its technology patents and wants to renew terms of the 2001 licensing pact. Nokia wants to reduce payments to Qualcomm, the report further said.