Nokia, Intel release MeeGo to developers

Nokia and Intel have released an early version of the Linux-based MeeGo mobile OS to developers, in preparation of the launch of a retail-ready version in October. 
The joint MeeGo Project has made programming APIs, parts of the handset reference UI and the MeeGo Core OS available, and has stuck by Linux tradition by also releasing the source code. 
According to MeeGo Project, the release also marks the completion of the combination of Nokia's Maemo and Intel's Moblin OSes. 
MeeGo version 1.0 launched in May, but that version only supports netbooks, not phones. 
Nokia last week revealed it will drop Symbian in favor of MeeGo for its flagship N-series line of smartphones. 
A Russian blogger has meanwhile made public what he claims is inside information about the upcoming version 3.0 of Google's rival Android OS, according to Unwired View
Mobile-Review blogger Eldar Murtazin claimed the OS – codenamed Gingerbread – will launch mid-October, with the first handsets shipping by end-December. 
The OS will have a completely revamped user interface, and will be available in two versions – 3.x for high-end devices, and 2.x for mass market handsets, Murtazin said.

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