Nokia plans expansion, eyes more acquisitions

Nokia's internet offering is far from ready, and the firm is seeking further acquisitions to speed up roll out of new services, a Reuters report said.

The Reuters report quoted Niklas Savander, Nokia internet unit chief, saying 'we're not done.'

Nokia bought US digital maps firm Navteq in July and has acquired ten smaller firms to jump-start its internet services business as the growth in the cellphones market is set to stall.

Likely targets could be small companies which develop services Nokia itself plans to offer in the future, enabling the Finnish firm to roll those services out faster, he said.

Nokia introduced a new personal information management synchronization service for calendar, contacts, notes and tasks between Nokia phones and its internet services site, similar to Apple offerings, the report said.

'We obviously think there is genuine consumer demand. Information that is contained on device is becoming more and more critical to people,' Savander said.

'We are incrementally, step-by-step, building up the offering that has to be matched with demand,' he said.

Nokia has not unveiled user numbers for its internet services, but its navigation, gaming and music offering arevup 42% from the previous quarter.