Nokia's vision: Smart devices that learn from consumer usage

With hardly any mention of technology or what future handsets might look like, Nokia has presented a short video of how it sees the world of mobile communications evolving over the next five years.

The key aspect of this vision is that all of the company's devices will be connected to the ‘Nokia cloud' that will then allow apps to learn from how consumers use these services and adapt accordingly. There is also a strong emphasis on synchronisation at almost every level that is far removed from the voice and text oriented world of today.

However, other companies have painted similar, albeit less ambitious, images of this sort of scenario and little would seem to have got much beyond the ‘slideware' stage. Nokia's take on the mid-term future would also appear to have made the assumption that it has become the dominant player in mobile cloud services - something other handset vendors and global operators might not accept willingly.

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