Nokia Siemens claims TD-LTE capacity boost

Nokia Siemens claims a new radio access network (RAN) development boosting the throughput and cutting latency on TD-LTE networks can cut telco’s site operating costs by a third.
The equipment vendor has developed a remote radio head capable of handling six pipes at once, which it states can boost the capacity of TD-LTE networks by 80% and increase coverage 40% compared to regular three-sector sites. The approach has the ability to cut a carrier’s total cost of ownership by 40%, NSN claims.
Tommi Uitto, head of the LTE radio access at NSN, says the RAN product will “take the TD-LTE experience to the next level,” by improving the mobile broadband experience.
The remote radio head forms part of NSN’s recently launched Liquid Radio portfolio, which is designed to automatically adapt coverage and capacity according to demand.


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