Nokia unveils 'compact' version of NetAct for smaller operators

Nokia Espoo HQ

Nokia is making a push for the smaller-operator market with the launch of a new version of its NetAct virtualised network management toolkit.

NetAct Compact includes the core functionality of the more fully-fledged package, but is optimised for smaller operators and their "operational and budget requirements", the Finnish telecoms equipment manufacturer stated in an announcement.

The kind of operators being targeted here include not only petite telcos, but also public safety networks such as TETRA customers, and enterprise and public-sector networks such as those in the energy and healthcare fields.

In terms of numbers, networks using NetAct Compact are expected to have up to 2,000 network elements and up to 500,000 subscribers.

The package includes the NetAct Configurator for configuration management, NetAct Monitor for network monitoring, and the NetAct Performance Manager for making it easier to improve service quality and optimise performance.

"There are a number of smaller operators and customers outside of the traditional service provider market that up until now have not had access to a robust network management system," said Peter Patomella, Nokia's head of network management and self-optimising networks.

"NetAct Compact brings a powerful solution with all the tools needed to help them improve network performance and enhance users' experiences. It also allows them to manage complex networks without compromising network and service quality, and without increasing operational costs,” Patomella added.

Nokia, like its rivals, is experiencing difficulty in its networks business -- net sales were down 11 per cent year-on-year in the second quarter of this year. As across the board, the issue here is that most operators have made their 4G upgrades, and 5G does not yet exist.

The company stressed in its announcement that the launch of NetAct Compact demonstrated its "commitment to win new business in fields beyond its traditional telecommunications provider customer base."

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