Nokia vows to bridge iPhone gap with touchscreens

Nokia has vowed to become the world's biggest touchscreen maker and increase its handset market share in 2009.

Nokia, the world's largest phone-maker, lost market share in the smartphone segment in Q3 last year under the onslaught of Apple's iPhone, largely because of its lack of touchscreen devices.

Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo admits the company has been "a follower" in the touchscreen market and plans to roll out several different devices this year.

"If you talk about touch, we have been a follower, yes. But we are now coming with a vengeance," he told Financial Times.

Kallasvuo said he believed Nokia was well-placed to weather the market crisis, considering the vendor's market dominance and the fact that the company is competing at every price point.

The company's broad product range and economies of scale would enable it to increase its market share this year, Kallasvuo said.

According to Reuters, analysts are expecting a turbulent year for the handset industry, and are on average predicting a 6.6% decline in sales volumes.