Nortel to expand Wimax ecosystem

(Wireless News via NewsEdge) Nortel said that it is again broadening the scope of its end-to-end Wimax solution to encompass more applications, features and a variety of devices that network operators can offer to businesses and consumers in underserved broadband markets.

Since combining strengths with Alvarion in a strategic Wimax agreement this past June, Nortel noted, it has aligned efforts with a number of other industry players including IBM, WiChorus, Quanta Computer and Accton Wireless Broadband, to bring a comprehensive Wimax solution to market faster and at lower costs.

'We recognize the path to success is based on an open model with best-in-breed partnerships that draw on one another's strengths,' said Scott Wickware, general manager, Wimax, Nortel. 'For Nortel, our sweet spot is the integration of a complete solution and the ability to enable operators to squeeze the highest revenue out of their Wimax network with our business and consumer applications.'

'In many cases, Wimax operators are new to wireless and need assistance on delivering the end-to-end solution. Backhaul, applications like VoIP, professional services, devices and enterprise offerings are all part of a Wimax build and where Nortel excels,' said Wickware.

In line with this philosophy, Nortel said that it is leveraging its expertise in the enterprise segment and its existing alliance with IBM to deliver unified communications capabilities for Lotus Notes users over Mobile Wimax technology. This provides access to a range of services including IP telephony, instant messaging, web conferencing as well as video chat capabilities, regardless of location and device. For Wimax service providers, this can translate into new opportunities to expand their addressable markets.

Nortel is also launching the 'VoIP to the MAX,' campaign, an end-to-end, fully-integrated and cost-effective Carrier VoIP and Wimax offering that enables services providers to offer advanced IP voice and multimedia services while de-risking their technology deployment, achieving faster time to market and unlocking new revenue opportunities. The offering consists of Nortel's comprehensive Mobile Wimax portfolio and Adaptive Application Engine (A2E), a carrier-grade, flexible multimedia server software.

Also new to Nortel's end-to-end Wimax solution is the WiChorus Home Agent, which provides operators with subscriber and content management, as well as network optimization capabilities that can help them leverage the Internet to drive increased Average Revenue Per User and profitability. Nortel will include WiChorus's Home Agent as part of the core of its Wimax network solution.

On the Wimax device front, Nortel is working with Quanta Computer and Accton Wireless Broadband in Taiwan to deliver Nortel-branded 802.16e devices including PCMCIA cards, USB adapters, indoor gateways, window mount antennas and outdoor gateways working in the 2.3, 2.5 and 3.5 GHz frequency bands.

Live demonstrations of Nortel's Wimax solution, including IBM Lotus Notes collaboration software over Wimax and 'VoIP to the MAX,' were offered during Wimax World in Chicago, the company noted in a release.

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